Solution against blur at non-native monitor resolutions

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Solution against blur at non-native monitor resolutions

Post by yrbrkfstdspsbl360835 » Sat Mar 31, 2018 11:54 am

If you use emulators for DOS/consoles or if you like to play indie games in retro style on your PC then this is for you. I think that retro-gamers might be interested in this, since especially pixel-art games benefit from it. (But it's also interesting for modern games in case you own a 4K monitor and your graphics card is to slow to properly handle it.)

It's all about getting rid of the blur when playing games in low resolutions (for instance old/retro-games) on modern high-resolution-monitors. People requesting this solution ended up calling it "integer scaling". (I prefer "pixel perfect scaling".) It works by converting each pixel into a perfect square of 2x2 pixels, 3x3 pixels etc.

Here is a picture that shows the difference for a scaling ratio of 8x for comparison (which is realistic for a 4K monitor if you want to upscale an old game with a resolution close to 320x240). What we want is above and the current situation is below. (The name of the game in the screenshot is "KQ lives" and it's released under GPLv2-license. It's an unfinished game abandoned by it's developers, although there is currently an attempt to resurrect it. OK, back to our topic.)


As you can see it is very useful for pixel-art. However this is also interesting for modern games in case you are using a 4K monitor, because it lets you reduce the resolution to 1920x1080 (and thus increase the performance/frame-rate) without introducing any additional blur. So basically you can turn a 4K monitor into a Full-HD monitor whenever your graphics card is to slow to handle 4K.

The main discussion about integer scaling is currently taking place on the Nvidia's forums and has reached 753 comments on 51 pages(!!!) (People who are interested in this tend to be retro-gamers, retro-game-developers, 4K-monitor-owners and laptop-owners.):

A petition to ask the developers of the GPU-drivers to implement integer scaling has been started and so far reached over 1400 signatures: ... ics-driver

Also strong evidence that the current GPUs are technically capable to do this exists. (I can provide it if necessary.)

Also the developer of the "nGlide" 3Dfx-emulator is one of those people who agreed with us and plans to include it into the next release. But this is only a solution for a small subset of old games.

Only the integration of the solution into to the GPU-drivers will make it compatible with all the games and all the monitors.

Your can help us push the idea forward A LOT just by mentioning it in your videos/articles.

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