Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by the_hawk » Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:11 am

Good question, the reason's changed a lot over the years.

I 1st bought it for the cover disk (before I realised you could pretty much get all that content online) & picked up most of the Live era mags.

Then I bought it sporadically when something of interest caught my eye & it was purely for nostalgic reasons.

Over the years it's veered more away from only really being interested in reading about games I actually played towards being a great way to find out about games I could be try out/get on ebay/emulate.

I'm now far more interested in how games came about than whether they are any good to play now or not. So makings of & interviews with devs/industry people are actually far more interesting to me than "review" type articles & top 10s/25s.

...oh and also the homebrew. :D
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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by antsbull » Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:07 pm

Three reasons:

1. I grew up in the lates 80s/early 90s, and its nostalgia.
2. I'm a software developer and I love reading the technical side of hardware and games, especially when the programmers detail how they got machines to do seemingly impossible tricks.
3. Even though I have modern gaming machines, modern games to me aren't anywhere near as good as old ones - the focus on realistic graphics and C-grade movie plotlines instead of original play mechanics, makes me wanting to read about and play Retro stuff only.

4. Also, what @Sel Feena said about physical magazines - RetroGamer is the only modern western computer games magazine that is collectable, and does stuff for its fans. Having a rack of 85+ RG magazines in my office, that i can pull out at anytime and get lost in is just awesome. I haven't been able to do this since N64 magazine was in its prime.

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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by TwoHeadedBoy » Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:16 pm

Mostly force of habit - when you've been buying something every month for almost a decade, it wouldn't seem right to just stop. As in, what if something REALLY good is in there, and I miss out? Or what if I get interested in something down the line, then when I look in that (incredibly useful) spreadsheet, find out I've missed my chance to find out more?

There's times when I've considered stopping buying it - that Mario special was the absolute pits, for example. But then there's something like the Making Of Pong (one of the best things I've ever read in the magazine - all those mechanical details!) and the recent shifting of Minority Report to cover specific systems (my favourite part of the magazine, along with The Unconverted), and then I'm reminded of how grateful I should be that a magazine like this even EXISTS.

In a roundabout way, I'm saying that things are picking up again, from my perspective. Also, the majority of my friends I met through this forum, so I suppose I owe it that much.

Also, each issue's like a mini encyclopaedia - the information won't ever be outdated because it's about old things, mostly, so as long as that index is continuously updated, it's happy days - takes the sting out of paying a fiver for it and then finding nothing of interest in a given month.
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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by 4am » Thu Mar 27, 2014 5:21 pm

Habit. I picked up Issue 69/70 in Smiths and have since subscribed and picked up most of the back issues.

Collectable. They look very nice on the shelf.

Nostalgia. Everyone likes to be taken back to a time when they didn't have to worry about sh*t like mortgages and taxes. And bought magazines.

Price. A Lady a month isn't going to break the bank.

Unique content. I don't read it all, but there's still enough interesting copy in there each month to justify a regular purchase.

ps. I know you're not seeking feedback Mr Jones, but if you could have a word in the ear of the designer who deems yellow fonts on orange backgrounds in box-outs acceptable - for example - I, for one, would be most grateful...

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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by Nikolai » Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:09 pm

I buy it for two reasons: 1) being an historian with strong games interest I love to read about games history and learn about all I missed, being a '86er and missing most of what you cover. And 2) reliving and learning more about what I DID experience. :)

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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by joefish » Fri Mar 28, 2014 8:08 am

Darran@Retro Gamer wrote:It certainly seems strange to buy a mag that offers little to you. I only routinely buy empire nowadays, although i do sub to pc gamer as I always end up reading a good 75% of it.
Cheer up mate! At least we keep buying it! :lol:

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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by spuggybridge » Fri May 16, 2014 5:18 pm

Because like most people of a certain age we are old gits trying to cling to what's left of our youth, and the fact that there isn't another mag that caters for our hobby of retro gaming.

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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by PostieDoc » Sat May 17, 2014 5:49 am

Darran@Retro Gamer wrote:It certainly seems strange to buy a mag that offers little to you. I only routinely buy empire nowadays, although i do sub to pc gamer as I always end up reading a good 75% of it.
I'm surprised by that as I had you down as a console boy.
PC Gamer is a good mag though with some interesting features (their website is a bit wonky).
Still, I miss PC Zone.

I subscribe to Retro Gamer as I find that there is normally something in it that I find interesting.
Some issues are better than others as is to be expected.
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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by LAIS » Mon May 19, 2014 7:28 am

Well, I first bought it for nostalgia reasons - and I do still enjoy the nostalgia I get with the magazine. However, I've found I enjoy reading about the development of various games, or the software companies I grew up enjoying, and the content in general.

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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by GarryG » Sun Jun 01, 2014 8:01 pm

Well... probably because I've left my subscription running for years!

Gotta catch em all!!

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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by Gabe » Sat Aug 23, 2014 4:23 pm

Bub&Bob wrote:Funny, I was pondering the very same question the other day. I can't remember how far back exactly but I know I haven't read issue 100 onwards. Up until recently I would just flick through and then put it with the rest in the shelf. The last few ive just put it straight in the shelf.
This is the first time I've been on this forum probably this year, so if felt quite an appropriate topic to comment in. The post above is about where I'm at with it too - the last issue I read was 85 - so the reason I buy it is purely because I've never got around to cancelling my subscription. That said, I don't find the mag too appealing these days, but that's not for this thread.

That said, I do intend to read all my issues at some point and so I don't mind continuing to pay.

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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by kiwimike » Sat Aug 23, 2014 4:51 pm

Lol I get shocked at how many just 'left my subscription running!' Moneybags! :lol: Then I realise of course, I'm thinking that a sub is 80 quid, which is rest of the world rate with the post. :)

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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by TheDude18 » Tue Aug 26, 2014 6:09 am

A great read of a subject I love. Simple really.

I was a fan of a certain film magazine which was my only subscription (I always stuck to one) When I discovered Retro Gamer I cancelled the subscription. Not just because of the subject matter, but the fact it was well written and covered a range of topics. Yes, there are some issues which (to me) are less interesting than others but isn't that the case with every magazine at some point? Even Razzle? A well crafted magazine of which is a niche subject, itself a tough ask.

Retro Gamer has re-kindled my passion for gaming where I have slowly started a collection of old machines and games. Even the family are involved to a certain extent - My missus is a fan of Frogger while the eldest loves Dungeon Keeper. I'm just hoping future my father in law keeps to his promise of building me a mame cab as a wedding present.

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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by Treguard » Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:17 am

I'm a big fan of retro gaming, and I like reading more about it. Having read from issue 1 I'm seeing a lot of repeated subjects being covered (Another Banjo-Kazooie article, really?) but theres really nothing else out there like it. I like finding out more about games I loved, and discovering games I've never played that I've ended up enjoying. I'd like it if the 'this month in' pages actually matched the month the magazine came out, but that's just my OCD.

If you're looking to increase subs, I'm willing to bet you'd get more if you offered a joint physical/digital subscription so I can read it wherever I want either as a magazine or on a device- having to pay twice just so I can read it electronically is a bit of a rip. I subscribe to When Saturday Comes, and they offer this exact service, so it can be done.

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Re: Why do you buy Retro Gamer?

Post by crusto » Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:56 pm

I no longer buy Retro Gamer, having recently cancelled my sub. I've subscribed almost since day dot but the mag no longer provides the buzz for me that it once used to. More often than not the majority of content in the mag each month is of little to no interest for me.
There's no point subbing to something that basically just gets scan read and filed afterwards.. :? Time for a break. Plus, feedback is not tolerated on here unless it is of the "right type". So I'm no longer inclined to make suggestions on how things could be improved, or point out errors etc, very little point in doing so.

I will pick up the odd issue here and there If I see it on my travels and the majority of its content is of personal interest to me. And I will look more closely at the collections from now on.

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