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Re: Retro Gamer Issue 121 Official feedback

Post by craigritchie » Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:49 am

merman wrote:Craig's guide to RPGs was nicely done,
Thanks man.
crusto wrote:I was really interested in the RPG article, but felt it was too short, it touched on loads but covered too little in depth. Would love to have seen a few more pages here, the likes of Y's, shining force, Buck Rogers etc got no proper coverage at all, shame.
Yeah, there were many RPGs and series I would have liked to give special attention to. All three of these, of course - but as always, word count word count word count...
Entire books could be written on Ys and Shining Force, and the Buck Rogers games themselves could get lengthy making-ofs, but that just was not possible here. Apologies to those whose favourites did not get the attention they felt they deserved. My original draft was way, way too long - cuts have to be made.
S3M wrote: RPG feature is very light weight and generally doesn't really cover anything interesting. These type of features need to be over multi-issues as it just doesn't cover anything otherwise, please try to get a experinced genre player to write these pieces.
Sorry you didn't enjoy it. As always happens with these articles, with space being a premium, we have to touch on things much higher level than we'd like to. And trying to cover a genre that goes back to before computer games even existed, and then try span multiple decades, platforms and countries... then you end up with what I was able to deliver with the word count available. It's a Bluffer's Guide... not an Expert's Guide.

I agree that multi-issue (perhaps by decade?) would really work well and maybe in future, Darran's will permitting, we can do some kind of fully comprehensive guide that goes decade by decade (and eventually year by year) - unfortunately, your imagined ideal RPG history article was just not possible given the constraints of the format.

Oh, and I've played the genre for about 25 years. Haters gonna hate, I suppose.

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Re: Retro Gamer Issue 121 Official feedback

Post by Boulder » Fri Jan 10, 2014 2:15 am

Slightly OT, but anyone interested in the history of computer RPGs might find "Dungeons and Desktops" by Matt Barton also interesting. ... edir_esc=y

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