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Re: The Xbox/PS2 coverage discussion thread

Post by Prof Mango B Coconut » Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:19 pm

hydr0x wrote:
The Laird wrote:That was one of the best bits of the article for me as that fact is too often glossed over.
The fact that it's completely wrong doesn't irk you then? Weird, you usually like to point out even the smallest faults in the mag. The feature mentions facts that only apply to the UK but claims they are true for all of Europe. Despite the fact that the UK only made up probably less than one third of the European market back then. The other big markets, Germany and France, as well as most of the smaller ones, were completely dominated by the NES. It's okay to mention that the UK was not like the US, but overshooting the target and claiming the rest of Europe was different too is just as bad.
This is an interesting point which I think would be worthy of an article. Europe back in the 80's wasn't the Europe we know (and despise/love - delete as appropriate) now. Countries were more distinct - no more so than Germany which was still split in two - France was a place to go on day trips to pick up cheap booze and fags, Spain had only recently got rid of General Franco, Holland was a place to import better porn and drugs than we got here and Italy... well, I guess the fast cars and chaotic politic system do remain a constant :)

From a British perspective I'd love to know more about European gaming prior to, during and after the formation of the EU. The systems you guys (and gals) were playing on, the home-grown stuff and the sorts of rubbish ports and translations you had to put up with; Engrish is well known, is there such a thing as Deutsch-ish?
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Re: The Xbox/PS2 coverage discussion thread

Post by The Laird » Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:29 pm

All the sales figures I have seen suggest that the SMS outsold the NES in Europe, especially the UK and France where Virgin Mastertronic handled it, so no the truth (as far as I am concerned) does not "irk" me. Saying the NES dominated in Europe is far off the target and clearly untrue.

But then that is not the topic at hand here anyway so I am not going to continue the discussion. Especially given that pretty much anything I say you argue, for whatever reason, and I have no wish to get involved in petty squabbles.

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Re: The Xbox/PS2 coverage discussion thread

Post by Old Skool 75 » Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:13 pm

In my opinion the PS2, Original Xbox and GameCube now qualify as retro and definitely should be featured in Retro Gamer. I have been reading the magazine since issue 19 and have subscribed since Issue 23. As you can Imagine I have seen loads of Games, Comps, Consoles etc featured and many ideas tried out. I have never lost faith with the creators of the magazine. I have bought many games on the back of them being featured and explained in the mag. A few PS2, GC, Xbox downwards to Saturn, Snes. As each day rolls by these consoles become older and fall more and more into the retro zone. At the end of the day the creators of Retro Gamer always try to reflect what the reader/Gamer wants in the pages of the magazine. Sure there are times when certain articles/consoles are written about and featured which do not appeal to me but I accept that the retro zone is very large and what I may not like another reader may love. It's all about being open minded and coming together as gamers. I look forward to many more hidden gaming gems being featured, PS2 & Xbox Downwards, so I can hunt them out at various retro shops, online etc. x

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Re: The Xbox/PS2 coverage discussion thread

Post by NES Max » Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:53 pm

I would stop subscribing if RG started focusing more on smartphone/tablet games. (I really don't care about homebrew either, I wish those pages were allocated to more interesting matters).

P.S. I am mostly interested in NES games, 16-bit consoles and 32-bit consoles, though PS2 and GC are fine by me, as it's been a while already (I'm 36).

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