Bot registrations and Spam

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Post by Sputryk » Sun Jan 21, 2007 1:13 pm

I got some Beef that someone can get rid of...

Oh, and a tin of Pek Chopped Pork & Ham!

Anything to try and lighten the mood, though I know how Spam annoys the Hell out of us.

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Post by The Master » Sun Jan 21, 2007 2:15 pm

Opa-Opa wrote:Do you really think the police would give a crap..?
Well probably not your average common or garden plod, but the "cyber crimes" division of Scotland Yard take spam very seriously, as do Interpol. There are organized gangs behind a lot of this, and it's not all automatic scripts doing it either - there are people being "employed" to manually register on forums, thus getting round any verification techniques. All very shady - do a little search on a few news websites if you don't believe me.

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Re: Bot registrations and Spam

Post by Antiriad2097 » Tue Jun 23, 2020 3:32 am

We had some spam on the forum today that was so quaint I almost wanted to keep it.

A retro bot appears to still be doing its thing, creating posts with links trying to sell us fax software for Windows XP.

How that thing is still circulating in this day and age I've no idea.
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