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Re: Issue 92 Feedback Thread

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:35 am
by Smurph
mikeb wrote:
Smurph wrote:Sorry, a little bit behind in reading this. As usual, a great issue, but I have to take up a point I got really annoyed about - the bluffers guide to vector games. Yes, alright, I see that it is aimed at arcade (although that's never made clear as such), but not even a box out about the Vectrex? WTF?
You're right of course - although it was mainly concerned with the arcade hardware there was supposed to be a box-out on the Vectrex in there, which I guess got cut out due to space reasons (it's already a pretty box-out heavy 6 pages). So just for you here's the missing box-out:


Released in 1982, at the height of the vector arcade game craze, Milton Bradley’s Vectrex console took Tim Skelly’s trick of using colured overlays and ran with it. The system is notable for conversions of Cinematronics vector arcade games like Star Hawk, Armor Attack, Star Castle and Cosmic Chasm, as well as vector versions of raster games like Scramble, Berzerk and Pole Position. Each game came with a custom coloured plastic overlay which could be slotted over the system’s monochrome monitor screen.

At $199, the Vectrex was expensive for its time, and failed to capture the market in the face of competition from systems like Atari’s VCS. However it’s still the only way to experience a true vector gaming display outside of buying an arcade machine, and remains a prized collector’s item.

Ahh, order is restored to the world :lol:

Thanks for that Mike, much appreciated.

Re: Issue 92 Feedback Thread

Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:35 am
by the_hawk
I've finally had some spare time last night so I could start catching up on these back issues.

All I can say is Chariot Race, brilliant. Even though I've never had a Vic 20 or heard of this game, it's a lovely story & it was so nice to read about the family having such fond memories of the time.