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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by psj3809 » Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:15 pm

Knight Lore was the best but the one isometric game I keep playing is the very very underated Monster Max for the Gameboy. Well worth a try

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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by SpecChum81 » Tue Jan 11, 2011 7:24 am

I'd go for Knight Lore, Molecule Man, Head Over Heels and A-train! Love them all!
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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by JetSetWilly » Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:19 pm

I can't remember if I responded to this, so, I'd say Crusader No Remorse. The PC version was good, but the Saturn conversion was just great.
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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by Dominoid » Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:10 pm

I would second Marble Madness but also I feel like I should show some love for Glider Rider. This was an obscure game I had on the CPC that involved riding around on a motorbike and then taking off on a hanglider to launch bombs at the buildings of an evil genius. It was a pretty unique game for the time and also had superb sound to boot. I never did get round to finishing it as a kid either.

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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by Garry » Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:30 pm

I must also put my vote for Crusader No Remorse, i had it on the playstation, great game that could be finished time and again, plus the graphics held up for years, good looking game
But surely the isometric game i put most hours towards was Fifa 95!

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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by forestville » Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:01 pm

The sims (origanal game) this is the most coolest and non liner games of them all, and now for an older game is has to be where time stood still, this was one the best speccy 128k games of all time.
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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by quantum » Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:56 pm

Populous 2 (Amiga) - amazing Xmas day gaming! Closely followed by "The Great Escape" (DOS)

How about a game screenshot quiz? Amiga, DOS, Megadrive and Commodore 64.

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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by smilertoo » Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:13 pm

Spindizzy, that was a great game thanks to the very nice controls.
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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by ArcadeMYK » Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:42 pm

Viewpoint for the PS1 without a doubt, beautiful graphics with excellent audio and superb shmup gameplay.
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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by SinclairStrange » Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:37 pm

Being a rather big Sega and SHMUP fan I must say Zaxxon. I just recently had the joy of playing it on a old arcade cabinet, and boy it was one of those life changing experiences. Pure bliss.

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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by psj3809 » Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:29 am

Just seen the cover for Issue 86

As Borat would say 'veryyyyyyyyyyy nice, i likeeeee'

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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by Chinnico » Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:15 am

Did anyone mention Airball? While not being exactly my favourite isometric game, I was kinda attracted by it, in a subtly disturbing way. Maybe it was the bare-breasted female gargoyles decorating the rooms pushing on my then-young hormones, but most of all I found the game's music (playing on Amiga) mesmerizing.

I've always been prone to the influence of weird games, like almost all the Exxos production (Temple of the flying saucer, purple saturn day and even Teenage queen - for those who endured to the end of it), or games like Mindwalker, just to keep on the amiga side.

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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by the_hawk » Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:16 am

psj3809 wrote:Just seen the cover for Issue 86
HOLY KITTENS IT'S GOOD! (as seen on Darren's Twitter feed)

I'll not spoil the surprise, it's got to be seen to be believed. :D
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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by Eric » Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:54 pm

Excellent cover - but can I have the Amstrad port with added colour. :D

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Re: For the forum issue 86

Post by Phoenix » Fri Jan 28, 2011 6:04 pm

Has to be Knight Lore, everything from the loading screen which seemed to defy attribute clash, to the utterly unique gameplay (until everyone else cloned it), this was the Daddy of them all.
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