Issue 81 - Official Feedback Thread

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Re: Issue 81 - Official Feedback Thread

Post by Gibberish Driftwood » Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:56 pm

ncf1 wrote:just an aside, i was looking through the zzap mags, they got to about 50 before they started to fall away.. by 80 it was effectually dead. RG is in my opinion at the top of its game and approaching 100.. that is some achievement right there.

*sheds tear* .. thanks guys... *sniffs* :)
Yeah, 50 was the last good issue of Zzap. I got a shock when i bought issue 51, all the staff member were gone, even Rockford and Thingy. :(
Ken sent me.
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Re: Issue 81 - Official Feedback Thread

Post by Darran@Retro Gamer » Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:02 pm

ALK wrote:Small question about the Pokemon Mini article. You guys said the Japan Only games were quite easy to find, yet after having a year long saved search on ebay, I've never seen the Japanese exclusive games once.

Spill the beans, where'd ya find em? XD
He might have been referring to eBay Japan...

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