PC Components - Retro or Veto?

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Should RG Feature Retro PC Components?

Of course!
Of course not!
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Re: PC Components - Retro or Veto?

Post by Opa-Opa » Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:58 am

Rinoa wrote:One article, fine (although it wouldn't be my cup of tea I'm sure it would still make an interesting read), but I'd be against having it as a regular feature.

Agreed, I don't care about what graphics card or sound card people used ages ago.
I just want to read about the games, I can buy a PC mag to read about hardware..

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Re: PC Components - Retro or Veto?

Post by SirClive » Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:10 am

I agree with the one off crew.

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Re: PC Components - Retro or Veto?

Post by joefish » Mon Feb 22, 2010 7:09 am

It doesn't sound very interesting to me, although I agree that a one-off feature is unlikely to put anyone out.
To me, DOS stuff was retro. OK, there were improvements in the graphics mode, which have already been mentioned in reviews; I did actually like the boxouts with the CGA/EGA/VGA screens. But when it comes to the incremental rat-race of accelerator cards (that people are still chasing today more than ever) I really don't see that there's anything of 'retro' interest. What should we have, a boxout with a 1024x768 screenshot next to a 1152x864?

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Re: PC Components - Retro or Veto?

Post by Chinnico » Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:56 pm

I'd like to see PC hardware mentioned from time to time. Maybe a possible idea would be to compare games in a series that evolved with changing hardware and comparing the features.
It's difficoult of course to go beyond graphics. For example you can get the Wing Commander series or the X-wing one: from bitmaps to plain polygons, to shaed polygons to textured ones. Othe exmaples: wipeout / wipeout 2097, Carmageddon, Rollcage, Ultima, Pools of Radiance...
Or you can pick a gaming genre (beyond FPS): for example RTSs. Here to you go from bitmap to polygons. Also Adventures have undergone a change (although they went back to the book in the last few years).

I'd also like a feature on sound hardware, since having an AdLib or Sound Blaster or a Roland card really made a difference (not speaking of relying on the PC speaker alone). Since no one can attach audio files to the magazine, I suppose that should be a really more technical feature.
By the way, has anyone ever listened to Star Control 2 using the PC speaker? It was amazing: all the tunes were beautifully rendered.

In such features, comments could also be added about the progressive increase in mass storage size and the consequences on the size of games. This could also suggest reasons why for a certain amount of time there were different 'PC-only games' and 'console-too games'.

What about a feature on 'the rise and fall of 3Dfx''? Does anyone remember the Banshee cards? The first time a single card could do both 2D and accelerated 3D...
Or what about the 'Intel alternatives''? AMD wasn't the only 'cheaper alternative' to iX86 processors.
I am thinking of a kind of 'businness history' features.

>> And please, do make a feature like 'top/worst game controllers' <<
Edit: just saw in the feedback thread that something has been done in the current issue... that I still haven't got! Damn post!

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